SELF-CARE! This category will contain additional mobility & breathing drills to accelerate your recovery between workouts. You can do them pre or post-workout or anytime of day to loosen up. These are especially important on "OFF" days since you have more time for lower-intensity corrective exercises that will enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury on training days. Please note that we still recommend performing your continually rotating 14-Day Netflix & Stretch program before bed for overall self-maintenance.

We also highly recommend you check out our new ManBaby CBD line for your nightly mobility & foam rolling work. It really helps relax the muscles so you can achieve more range of motion and spend more time in these challenging positions:

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  • Shin Box Getups

    The Shin Box (or 90/90 position) improves internal/external hip rotation. Adding the hip raise strengthens the glutes. Adding the overhead lunge portion of the getup makes this a complete lower body mobility and activation sequence.

    Once you can do this with your bodyweight, add the overhead sin...

  • Bear to Crab Roll Flow

    This drill is specifically for those that have been struggling with the bear row to crab press exercise. But it's a complete 3-dimensional core stabilizer and hip + shoulder mobilizer that all trainees should keep in their toolbox. Set the clock for 2-5 minutes and flow between the various positi...

  • Med Ball Shin Box Raises

    This is a great variation and progression on the shin box, particularly the raising portion from seated to tall-kneeling. Do 5-10 controlled reps/side or spend 2-5 minutes/side pre/post-workout or or on off-days. You can also plug this in to part of a full shin box flow.

  • Split-Kneeling Hip Mobility Complex

    This complex is amazing for improving lunging, squatting, walking and running mechanics. Do 5-10 reps in each position or spend 5-10 minutes on each side pre/post-workout or on off-days. If you really struggle with this, try to work it daily for a few months.

  • BJ's 8-Week Breathing Program

    I committed to learn how to sing in 2020. The biggest thing that was holding me back was a total lack of breath control and being a vertical chest, neck and mouth breather. So I've worked daily on diaphragmatic belly and ribs breathing (abdomino-thoracic) in the following manner.

    Before I do my ...

  • The Supreme Shin Box Flow!

    The shin box is one of the best hip and thoracic spine (upper back) mobility drills around and a mandatory move for desk jockeys. BJ does this drill daily for at least 5 minutes/side, flowing between these many positions shown in the video while employing deep diaphragmatic belly breathing. If yo...

  • Stepup Mobility Flow

    This is the ultimate warmup, mobility, and practice flow to master your stepups! Do it for 2-5 minutes/side daily if you're really struggling with this movement pattern.

  • Hangs/Pullup Mobility Flow

    This is the ultimate mobility and positioning flow to mobilize the overhead arms position and decompress the spine. Do it for 2-5 minutes for best results. If you really struggle with pullups, consider doing it daily. Honestly, I do it every day for spinal health.

  • Self-Assisted Single-Leg Standing Hip Mobility Flow

    This is an excellent flow to improve single-leg balance and active hip mobility. It will improve walking, running, lunging, jumping, squatting, and stepup mechanics. Do 5-10 reps in each position shown or just flow between positions for 2-5 minutes/side. This especially helpful to do after workin...

  • MOBILITY MAGIC: Instant Fix for Shin Box!

    Please continue to work on the shin box (and the bodyweight getup) variations we've been drilling all week to correct mobility imbalances in the hips and thoracic spine. They make for the perfect recovery drills post-workout, on off-days, or when doing your #NetflixAndStretch at night. But if you...