October 2021 Programming

October 2021 Programming


I hope you enjoyed a well-earned 2-week ACTIVE RECOVERY, baby. It’s almost time to get back to work and finish Q4 of 2021 STRONG! Congrats on making it this far. You are truly a RARE BEAST.

At this point of the season, most of the work is done:

Q1: ORIGINS- Mobility, Stability & Breathing Focus
Q2: SHRED- Fat Loss & Metabolic Conditioning Focus
Q3: GAINZ- Muscle Gain & Metabolic Bodybuilding Focus

Please download and review our Q4 TRAINING CALENDARS to see your schedule for the remainder of 2021. It can be found within the OCTOBER 2021 PROGRAMMING series.

Q4: PERFORM will bring everything together and set the stage for next year. We’ll be pushing to peak in strength, speed, power, agility & stamina. The main goal is to become complete, well-rounded athletes that rise to the level of our training and perform under pressure. And we’ll continue to strengthen weaknesses so there are no gaps in our fitness game.

The final quarter of the year is also a very busy & stressful time with the holidays, travel, etc. So TIME will be tight. That’s why every routine will be fast, fun & effective. I’ll also show you how to shorten or lengthen most routines to make it work for your schedule and piggy-back on your ongoing physical education so you can take full ownership of your training.

This is also a great time of year to experiment with new content and try new things. So we’re making some big changes at TheDailyBJ.com. Here’s what to expect the rest of the year…

Out of necessity, there will be a drop in production quality. I will be filming & editing all of the content myself to finish 2021. And there will no longer be follow-along workouts. I will be making instructional videos with meticulous written descriptions and companion SECONDS PRO app interval timer links where applicable. This is pretty much how things looked last year.

The follow-along workouts were awesome, so yes, this sucks. But we’ve had 20 straight months of declining membership and the pandemic continues to take its toll on our audience & membership business. I’m not complaining, I’m just explaining. I know change can be tough. But all growth comes with pain. I’m confident these changes will pay dividends for us in the months to come and ensure 2022 is better than ever.

That being said, what I may lack in video skills - I do plan on getting better each month as I put in the REPS - I will make up for in EFFORT. This leaner production plan will also make our TDBJ content creation more agile & dynamic and give the site/app a more “daily” vibe. You’re also gonna get more personality (sorry) and coaching.

Here’s what we’re adding to make up for what we’re taking away:

New Vimeo LIVE Feature

We’ve invested in a new LIVE feature (with unlimited replay) within the VIMEO app/site experience. This will allow me to do regular LIVE Q&As with our valued members. There is currently a lack of motivation, support & accountability in this program so I’m hoping this addition fills this gap. I’ve also been reflecting deeply on my many failures as a coach (and a man) over the years for some time now. And I’m finally ready to bring pure passion & positivity to this endeavor. You deserve the best so that’s what you’re gonna get. And I’m fully invested in your success, in & out of the gym.

There’s even a possibility of doing some LIVE tutorials or follow-along workouts down the road as I get through the initial learning curve of producing livestreams by myself. There will be some hiccups in the beginning so please bear with me. The main limitation will be my shooting location which is outside under the desert sun and in the extreme heat. This not only impairs the camera, phone & computer performance, but it takes its toll on Uncle Baby’s old-ass. But we hope to have an initial garage gym setup sometime in early 2021 that will solidify this process.

Bonus Meal Prep Content

Though I’m not a registered dietician or nutritionist, I’ve got 20 years of wisdom and experience to share and I’ve absolutely let you down on the nutrition portion of this program. Diet may not be the 80-90% of the equation that many fitness experts claim it to be, but it is CRITICAL and most likely the key for most of you looking to reach a whole new level of health, performance & body composition. Though I still can’t give you customized nutrition or meal plans since it’s beyond my scope of practice, you will be getting my best effort from a meal prep & planning standpoint.

Look- I’m no chef. Nobody ever showed me how to cook or taught me about food plus the only real interest I’ve ever really had in cooking is the eating component. LOL. And up until this point, my wife has done the lion’s share of grocery shopping and cooking. I’m actually pretty embarrassed to be a 39-year old man who doesn’t know his way around the kitchen.

But that all changed in a big way over the past month, particularly during our 2-week fall break. I’ve taken over all grocery, cooking & kitchen duties for my home. Every Sunday I buy groceries in the morning and do meal prep for the week in the afternoon. I’ve also been shopping at mostly Aldi’s and some at Ralph’s to keep this as budget-friendly as possible. Yes, there are some things I still get at Whole Foods, like Rao’s world-class marinara sauce, but everything else has been from discounted grocers to make this as accessible as possible.

Though I personally cap our weekly grocery budget to $250, my meal prep recommendations will accommodate a typical family of 2 for $100 or less. Larger families and bigger bodies may incur greater costs. But a lot of it comes down to looking for sales, buying off-brand products & choosing organic options only when necessary (or able). And I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the number of cheap organic options at Aldi’s.

With fall in full-effect, you can expect the following 3 SEASONAL SOUP & STEW RECIPES over the course of the month of October that will provide dinner from Sunday through Thursday each week:

Beef Chili
Chicken Soup
White Meat Chili

I just have coffee & water in the morning and a midday shake (I’ll get you some shake recipes too), so having dinner done for a full workweek before it even starts has been a real game-changer. We’ve been eating cleaner than ever and saving time and money. Please note that I’ll do my best to make recommendations for how vegetarians & vegans can modify the meals too.

Shockingly, my wife, Naomi, says my cooking has been solid. She’s from the Bronx and pulls NO punches, so that’s a rare compliment and a real endorsement. HAHA! And just like with the video work, I’ll get better at cooking as I put in the REPS. I’m fully committed to sharpening this sword because I believe it’s a weapon that separates the good from the great. And frankly, it’s content my audience has been craving (pun intended).

More Regularly Scheduled Programming

My goal for the rest of the year is to get you your content ahead of time with no late uploads. I plan to post each piece of content by NOON EST the day before you’re scheduled to use it. I’m calling this the CHRIS SCARPATI (or C-SCARP) CLAUSE. I do realize nothing is more valuable than your time and it’s time I become more of a professional in this regard. I WILL DO BETTER!

Here’s our content lineup for the first week of October:

SUNDAY: X28 Boxing & Bodyweight 20-Minute Express Workout

MONDAY: Three 10-Minute Hip Flows: Massage, Mobility & Activation

TUESDAY: WOW 29 Continuous Work Bodyweight Density Training

WEDNESDAY: Wave 1 of Gorillacorn Gainz Pushup & Pullup Specialization

THURSDAY: LIVE Member Q&A at 10 am PST

FRIDAY: Week-In-Review TDBJ Member Email (and Sneak Peak at Next Week)

SATURDAY: BJ’s Beefy Chili & Tropical Gainz Shake Meal Prep

SUNDAY: X29 Boxing & Bodyweight 20-Minute Express Workout

Look- things come up, like tech issues, herpes or a global pandemic, so it’s possible something gets posted late. But for every late posting, my penance is to create you an additional piece of bonus content. This way you always get ahead when I fall behind.

Sorry for the long email but it’s important we get on the same page if we’re gonna continue to rise TOGETHER. I’ll be in touch. Expect an email and text update Sunday morning with your first piece of content for the month.

Much Love,


PS- Turn on “push notifications” in the settings of the TDBJ app so you never miss a sext! ;)

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October 2021 Programming
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