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Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

November 2021 Week 2 Livestream

November 2021 Content • 1h 51m

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  • 2021 X32

    X32 is a 20-minute EXPRESS boxing, cardio & brain training workout. Do it Monday or anytime you're stressed or tight on time and can't do the full WOW. It can also be used on off-days for active recovery.

    Get our bands here:

  • 2021 WOW 33

    WOW 33 features one of my all-time favorite training templates, ATLR Stacks.

    A: Activation
    T: Thunder (Heavy)
    L: Lightning (Medium)
    R: Rain (Light)

    Here's how it works:

    ACTIVATION: This is a lower-intensity, lighter loading movement designed to lock-in perfect joint positioning and activate t...

  • November 2021 Week 3 Livestream

    This week's livestream agenda:

    - WOW 33 Deep Dive
    - Pullup Program
    - Lessons from Mike Tyson's Training Program
    - Q&A