May 2021 WOWs

May 2021 WOWs

This is where all of the WOW (Workout of the Week) content for May 2021 can be found. Each new WOW will come with a shortened 20-minute EXPRESS follow-along workout video plus a 1-hour follow-along workout for the full routine. Here's the recommended weekly training schedule:

Tuesday: RECOVER
Wednesday: Full Follow-Along WOW
Thursday: RECOVER
Friday: Full Follow-Along WOW
Saturday: CHILL
Sunday: CHILL

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May 2021 WOWs
  • 2021 EXPRESS WOW 13


    This 12-exercise metabolic resistance training circuit trains the whole body & maximally depletes muscle glycogen stores to stimulate rapid fat loss. Unilateral training strengthens imbalances between sides and increases core activation. It’s also more joint-friendly ...

  • 2021 WOW 13 Follow-Along Workout

    This is the FULL follow-along workout for WOW 13. You can connect to your big-screen via chromecast or HDMI connection.

    For the dumbbell moves in the 30-15 Single-Sided Shredder, I highly recommend you start with the same load you were using at the end of last month's 45-15 PHA circuit. The Late...

  • WOW 13 Follow-Along Video (NO MUSIC)

    This is experimental bonus content for those trainees looking to follow-along to the workout video but listen to their own music (or no music).