May 2019 Workouts

May 2019 Workouts

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May 2019 Workouts
  • Workout 1: Single Dumbbell

    WORKOUT 1 features a killer single dumbbell complex to crush calories and keep your heart rate elevated. A dumbbell complex is where you use the same weight for each move, never setting the weight down. Start with a 10-25 pound bell and slowly build up from there. The weakest exercise is always p...

  • Workout 2: 1 Pair of Dumbbells

    WORKOUT 2 is a classic beach-body pump circuit. Though it's still a whole body workout, it has an extra emphasis on the upper body so you can go suns out, guns out for the summer. Start with a pair of 10-25 pound dumbbells and slowly build up from there. Since there's a little rest time between m...

  • Workout 3: 2 Pairs of Dumbbells (1 Heavy & 1 Light)

    WORKOUT 3 uses dumbbell drop sets so you'll need 2 pairs of dumbbells: 1 heavier and 1 lighter. Drop sets give you a blend of strength & stamina, work all of your muscle fibers, & arguably deliver the most time-efficient fat loss & muscle gain workouts ever! In general, I recommend the lighter pa...

  • Workout 4: 2 Dumbbells (1 Heavy & 1 Light)

    WORKOUT 4 also uses drop sets but with a single dumbbell at a time for more of a unilateral emphasis to correct imbalances between sides. In general, I recommend the lighter bell be half the weight of the heavier one. Most trainees will find the sweet spot somewhere in between a 20/10-pound and 5...

  • Workout 5: Dumbbells & Bands

    WORKOUT 5 uses a pair of dumbbells and a single resistance band. Besides the split squats which combine bells & bands in the same set, you'll first perform each move with dumbbells, rest 20 seconds, and then perform that same move again with bands. Following a dead-weight exercise with a band mov...

  • Workout 6: Dumbbells & Bodyweight

    WORKOUT 6 uses a pair of dumbbells and premium equipment bodyweight exercises like inverted rows/pullups and dips. This routine is where SHRED meets GAINZ, baby! You'll be using drop sets for the first 6 moves, alternating between loaded and bodyweight versions of the same exercise. Then you'll u...

  • Workout 1 Cheatsheet – May 2019

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  • Workout 3 Cheatsheet – May 2019

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  • Workout 4 Cheatsheet – May 2019

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  • Workout 5 Cheatsheet – May 2019

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  • Workout 6 Cheatsheet – May 2019

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