Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

Double Dumbbells – January 2019

Dumbbell Workouts • 5m 50s

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  • Single Dumbbell – January 2019

    Workout 3 – Single Dumbbell

    Perform each move for 2 minutes of work with 30 seconds of rest between moves:

    1. Bird Dog Row (60 seconds/side)
    2. 1-Arm Bottoms-Up Overhead Press (60 seconds/side)
    3. Bulgarian Hip-Hinge Passes (60 seconds/side)
    4. Flexed-Arm Carry (60 seconds/side)
    5. Ipsi...

  • Dumbbell / Kettlebell – March 2019

    Perform each move for 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest between moves:

    1. 1st Stage Getup- Left
    2. 1st Stage Getup- Right
    3. 2nd Stage Getup- Left
    4. 2nd Stage Getup- Right
    5. 3rd Stage Getup- Left
    6. 3rd Stage Getup- Right
    7. Windmill- Left
    8. Windmill- Right
    9. 1-Arm Swings-...

  • August 2019 – Dumbbells

    This a delicious dumbbells circuit using calorie-crushing combos that make lighter loads go a longer way. A pair of 10-25 pound bells will change most people’s lives. The key to weight section with these combos is to pick a load that allows you to execute the upper body portion of each combo sinc...