Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

Watch this video and more on The Daily BJ

July 2019 – Stability Ball Bodyweight

Bodyweight Workouts • 5m 18s

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  • June 2019 – Premium Equipment Bodyweight

    This is one of the most challenging bodyweight workouts I’ve ever done. You’ll need a pullup bar or suspension trainer, dip bars, a fitness slider, and a box/bench/ottoman to elevate your trail leg. All of our recommended gear can be found at

    If you can’t do at least 10 reps...

  • June 2019 – Equipment-Free Bodyweight...

    Boxing is undefeated for fat loss and conditioning. I’ve been learning how to box from Tony Jeffries (British Olympian and former undefeated pro) to both improve my cardio and fight the aging process but also to allow me to teach you how to benefit from the sweet science. Please be patient with i...

  • Equipment-free April – Workout #2

    ROUND 1

    Minute 1: Plank Trench Crawls
    Minute 2: 1-Leg Shoulders-Elevated Hip-Thrusts- Left/Weak Side
    Minute 3: 1-Leg Shoulders-Elevated Hip-Thrusts- Right/Strong Side


    ROUND 2

    Minute 1: Break-Dancers
    Minute 2: 1-Leg Foot-Elevated Hip-Thrusts- Left/Weak Side
    Minute 3: ...