2021 Workouts

  • January 2021 WOWs

    9 videos

    This is where all of the WOW (Workout of the Week) content for January 2021 can be found. Each new WOW will come with a shortened 20-minute EXPRESS follow-along workout video plus an instructional coaching video for the full 1-hour routine.

  • 2021 Q1 Wave 1 Hangs and Planks Specialization Plan

    2 videos

    This is Wave 1 Month 1 of the 2021 Q1 Hangs and Planks Specialization Plan. Watch the provided video tutorial. Follow the provided program design PDF available here: https://members.thedailybj.com/2021-q1-wave-1-hangs-planks-specialization-plan

  • 2021 Schedules

    0 videos

    If you find yourself joining on an off week according to the calendars, you should use the recovery and mobility resources on the site and start up the workouts with us when we start the next program.