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The Daily BJ is an always fresh set of home workouts you can take to the gym, designed by BJ Gaddour, former fat guy turned cover model, author, star of multiple DVD workout series, and former Fitness Director for Men's Health Magazine.

Access new workouts every month! A complete program for losing weight, getting shredded, and getting serious results. Get started quickly and easily with videos and accompanying workout cheatsheets.


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  • October 2019 Workouts
    6 videos — 7 extras

    October 2019 Workouts

    6 videos — 7 extras

    Download the companion PDFs:

    Workout 1 –
    Workout 2 –
    Workout 3 –
    Workout 4 –
    Workout 5 –
    Workout 6 –

  • Getting Started
    4 videos — 2 extras

    Getting Started

    4 videos — 2 extras

    Welcome to The Daily BJ! Here you'll find everything you need to get started with the program.

  • Bodyweight Workouts

    26 videos

    These anytime, anywhere routines will show you that your body is your barbell when you know how to use it! Some routines involve zero equipment, others require bars or suspension trainers for moves like pullups, dips, and rows.

  • Beginner Bootcamp
    3 videos — 4 extras

    Beginner Bootcamp

    3 videos — 4 extras

    New to BJ's workouts? Start here! This progressive 4-week program will get your body ready for the higher-intensity routines in our monthly programs.

    Download the companion PDFs:

    Workout 1 –
    Workout 2 –
    Workout 3 – http://tdbj....

  • Warmup
    1 video — 2 extras


    1 video — 2 extras

    Download the companion PDFs:

    Warmup –
    Printer Friendly –

  • Dumbbell Workouts

    22 videos

    Blast body fat with these dynamite dumbbell workouts! Most of these routines involve either a single dumbbell or a just a pair.

  • Resistance Band Workouts

    14 videos

    Get better with bands, baby! These joint-friendly routines use a mix of big bands and mini-bands to work your whole body with a particular emphasis on your hips, shoulders & core. You can get our bands here:

  • Kettlebell Workouts

    9 videos

    Personally, I prefer when Russians interfere with our workouts instead of our elections. The Russian kettlebell is a dynamic total body training tool that melts faces in small spaces. Prepare to burn fat with cold steel!

  • Landmine/Barbell Workouts

    3 videos

    These routines provide the safest way to get the benefits of barbell training. Place a barbell into the corner of a wall or landmine post and beat body fat into submission! Get all reference landmine accessories here:

  • Slider Workouts

    2 videos

    Slide your way to a better body with these fitness slider workouts! You can also use furniture sliders on a carpet or turf or sock & paper plates on wooden floor. You can find the sliders we recommend here:

  • Medicine Ball Workouts

    3 videos

    Build power and crush your core with these low-impact med ball routines! Start with a 4-10 pound ball and gradually build up from there. But even advanced trainees will get hammered with a 10-20 pound ball if they use it the right way.