The Daily BJ

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The Daily BJ is an always fresh set of home workouts you can take to the gym, designed by BJ Gaddour, former fat guy turned cover model, author, star of multiple DVD workout series, and former Fitness Director for Men's Health Magazine.

Access new workouts every month! A complete program for losing weight, getting shredded, and getting serious results. Get started quickly and easily with videos and accompanying workout cheatsheets.


- Cancel Anytime. Cancellations will take effect for next billing period. That means if you are an annual member, the cancellation won't take effect until the end of the year-long cycle. If you are a monthly member, you will have access the remainder of the current month cycle and incur no further charges.

- NO REFUNDS. We make it easy to cancel and provide a free trial. Make sure TDBJ is for you before purchasing an annual membership.

  • March 2019 Workouts
    6 videos — 7 extras

    March 2019 Workouts

    6 videos — 7 extras

    Download the companion PDFs:

    Workout 1 –
    Workout 2 –
    Workout 3 –
    Workout 4 –
    Workout 5 –
    Workout 6 –

  • Getting Started
    4 videos — 2 extras

    Getting Started

    4 videos — 2 extras

    Welcome to The Daily BJ! Here you'll find everything you need to get started with the program.